Fallon Kirkum

Home Office and Wardrobe Room

This client had a rather distress, cluttered small room and the couple’s ideal scenario was to have a room that could work as an office for him whilst she used it as a wardrobe room. There was a fine balance of getting it right for them in terms of their personal tastes, he was minimalist whilst she was maximalist.

Working with them closely we decided to let the practical items do the talking and go for a very clean, minimal, sophisticated decor theme. The walls and woodwork were painted pure white, and the furniture would all be white too so the clothes and books could do the talking. The budget was quite restricted so we brought all Ikea furniture as it was more suitable and practical for both the functionality and budget of the room.

To bring a touch of sophistication and to take inspiration from wardrobe rooms, I suggested for me to create a wallpapered panel on their ceiling, in order to add a splash of colour and texture to the overall room.

The whole look was finished off with an antique chandelier purchased from eBay and small already owned objects added to the books and shelves I built in the room. Finally not forgetting some cute little plants added to the room to give a hint to nature..et voila!

Home Office and Wardrobe Room Home Office and Wardrobe Room Home Office and Wardrobe Room View latest projects